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Our Celebration of Soil, Seeds & Senses

We have great news for you: we will be part of the first New European Bauhaus Festival. Follow our Celebration of Soil, Seeds and Senses!

Follow our Celebration of Soil, Seeds & Senses from 2.334 meters above sea level on a barren mountain peak high above the city of Innsbruck!

Did you know that soil is a hidden champion for effective climate action and climate diplomacy? That healthy soil – bustling with worms and microbes – absorbs gigantic amounts of CO2? This treasure beneath our feet needs our attention!

Meet leading voices and shapers whose passion and professions focus on soil health!

Biologists Stefanie PontaschJulia SeeberJohannes KostenzerThomas Peham, and Christian Steiner illuminate soil functions for Alpine habitats and societies. Alenka Smerkolj, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, presents the Soil Conservation Protocol in its 25th year. Practitioners Maria LegnerMelanie Plangger, and Claudia Sacher unveil their work. Architect Anna Heringer explains how the built environment can foster ecological balance and local economies, while Christoph Thun Hohenstein, leader of Vienna’s Biennale for Change, envisions our future in eco-digital humanism.


Verena Ringler moderates the event.