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Green films, nature films, and high-quality documentaries and narrative films on the theme of planetary care make for a vibrant, emerging field. An incoming generation of filmmakers has set out in recent years to venture into this and set new standards.

AGORA European Green Deal is invited to accompany and support some of their leading pioneers and shapers on their route to deepen and enlarge their clout across borders and boundaries in Europe. This is part of our mission to foster and build green transition leadership capacity across sectors, including the worlds of creative, civic, and cultural leadership.  

Pioneers like the international, top-flight Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF) have convened hundreds of filmmakers, journalists, and production scouters for more than twenty years. The INFF works with prominent jury members, such as ARTE’s Juliette Gramaglia, Andrea Walji of the Waterbear network, and Tom Synnatschke from Doclights. The INFF might well be called a “hidden gem” annual event in Innsbruck, Austria. 

Green, nature, and environmental film festivals link up community building, nature and environmental awareness-raising, the scientific community, and high-end filmmaking. Classic techniques in filmmaking are combined with high-tech methods of complex nature and environmental filming, thus inspiring young and older generations of visitors in rural and urban settings alike. 

Green films have great chances to make a world of a difference – and to help make a different world.