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Are you a leader, visionary, or shaper of a team’s, organisation’s, or region’s future and can you converse in German? European Affairs might not be your daily business, but you’re certainly interested in our common future? Our bespoke and unconventional seminar day at 2,000 metres above sea level near Innsbruck might be the right format at the right time for you.

You leave your laptop, pessimism and professional identity in the valley. You bring an open mind and a sense of possibility with you up the mountain.
There, AGORA European Green Deal Director Verena Ringler will take you on a light-hearted overview tour.
You hear about the State of the (European) Union, with a focus on the “European Green Deal” roadmap.
You look beyond the nitty-gritty of daily politics, and you travel back in time, discovering key milestones of the cultural history of sustainability.

The ascent and descent to the Seegrube (Nordkette), lunch & wonderful conference location are provided. Participation is based on voluntary donations along the donation packages listed on the AGORA Website.

Date: 30, May 2024 
Time: 10:00 – 17:30 h 
Location: Seegrube Innsbruck

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