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Advancing the green transition in our societies, companies and regions.

Verena Ringler of AGORA European Green Deal states in her new TEDx Talk that we need a #civicCERN to master the green transition.

You are a mayor or diplomat, civic leader or CEO?
Here’s how the AGORA can help you: 







In our municipalities and companies, our organizations and institutions, we are the ones to shape our common destiny.
Day after day, choice after choice, it is on us to master the road to climate neutrality.

The AGORA European Green Deal is a non-profit organization based in the Alps, inspiring Europe. Founder Verena Ringler works with her core team at headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria, and with many partners, experts, and supporters across regions.

We are committed to achieving climate neutrality in the EU.

Day by day, decision by decision, it is up to us to master the path to climate neutrality. With your support we manage to make our voice louder. Together we will fight climate change and create a better environment!

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