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In our municipalities and companies, our organizations and institutions, we are the ones to shape our common destiny. Day after day, choice after choice, it is on us to master the road to climate neutrality.

Verena Ringler

Verena Ringler is a European strategy expert who delivers on the triangle of cross-sectoral innovation, content development, and strategy or communication advice.



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Numerous partners support AGORA’s vision—to tackle climate transition as a public and common good.


Founder and director
of the non-profit association
AGORA European Green Deal.

The strategy expert devises and realizes tailor-made processes that bridge realities on the ground in European regions with the institutional logic of capitals such as Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna.

Ringler focuses on multi-stakeholder alliances and regional innovation. She often convenes top diplomats and learners, local politicians and CEOs. She does this because societal leaders who know and trust each other can master uncertainty and change.

Until 2018, Verena Ringler directed the International Affairs Department at Stiftung Mercator in Germany, and devised a large portfolio of projects on Europe. She developed the regional platform StartNet Europe to mitigate youth unemployment, for instance. Also, she helped the Free Interrail initiative towards breakthrough.

Ringler began her career as a journalist at Tiroler Tageszeitung and profil magazine in Austria before joining the editorial department of Foreign Policy in Washington in 2002 (until 2006).

From 2006 to 2009, Ringler established the EU’s communication mechanisms in Pristina, Kosovo, as Deputy Head for Press and Public Affairs of an EU-U.S. diplomatic team.

Ringler frequently speaks publicly on European affairs in the media (Austrian Broadcasting Association, ORF) and at events of the Club of Venice, TEDx oder the Pioneers of Change Summit.

She engages pro bono in seven committees of European associations, such as the European Policy Centre, the European Forum Alpbach and the NECE group of Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).

Ringler provides over two registered trademarks, including the concept of European Commons™ and the Situation Room™, a digital or analogue crisis- and strategy format for leadership teams.

Verena Ringler took her MA in European Studies and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, JHU-SAIS, in 2002, and her European “Magister” from the University of Innsbruck in 1999 (Erasmus semester at Uppsala University). Her two non-degree certificates are from the University of Vienna and the Innsbruck Conservatory.

Verena is nominated for the MINERVA 2024 Prize, vote for her HERE until 21 March!


Alexander kesselring

Alexander Kesselring studied sociology and philosophy. He then worked at the Center for Social Innovation as a social scientist on the topics of social innovation and regional development. In 2015, he completed further training at the Danube University Krems in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management. In 2016, he joined the global NGO Ashoka, which supports social entrepreneurs. At Ashoka, he manages programs on the topics of inclusion, climate protection, and biodiversity. He is currently training in Cooperative Urban and Regional Development.

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Jonathan Klema is currently completing his BA program in Nonprofit, Social and Health Management at the Management Center Innsbruck. He assists the project work of AGORA European Green Deal since his return from an exchange semester at the Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland. Jonathan is driven by the curiosity to translate the European Green Deal into the daily life and work in regions, business, academia, and civil society. Also, Jonathan coaches kids‘ football teams and is a passionate musician.

Melanie Plangger

Melanie Plangger is an expert for citizen engagement and participation as well as process facilitation in municipalities and regions. For the last decade, she has worked in cross-border Alpine cooperation: first in the academic field, then as a representative of the regional administration, and today, as an independent practitioner. Melanie brings a wealth of experience in European cross-sectoral project work. Her doctoral thesis is entitled, “Moving mountains to Brussels. How regions act within, shape and benefit from the EU macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Region.“


Monique Hayek

After her studies in International Politics, Monique Hayek worked as policy advisor and project officer for the GIZ, Germany’s development cooperation agency, including in Egypt and Vietnam. Most recently for more than five years, Monique managed the European Social Fund (ESF) for the Länder government of Hessen, Germany. In addition, she worked as national expert in various European Commission projects. Monique provides over great insight into European legislative and programming procedures as well as the nexus of youth and economic development.

Annette Behrendt

Annette Behrendt works as a team developer, management consultant, and mediator. She focuses on breaking down barriers between people and groups and promoting sustainable, productive cooperation. She uses her extensive experience and well-founded methodical approach to help teams overcome communication barriers and strengthen collaboration. As a supervisor and coach, she supports managers in improving their assertiveness and dealing competently with challenging situations. Annette Behrendt is a senior partner at, a network of mediators and coaches.


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