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“The EU Green Deal might read great on paper, but here is the problem,” you say. “How to turn the European Green Deal into our “man to moon moment” at our doorstep and in our communities, when the road is cluttered by questions and opposition, risks, and conflicts of interest? “

The European Green Deal (EGD) is the most profound and far-reaching policy project since the founding of the EU. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented the EGD in December 2019. She made clear: this is not only a roadmap of new regulation and of reforming the Single Market. Rather, the road to net zero is equally a roadmap of cross-sectoral ambition and of regional innovation. Von der Leyen likened the European Green Deal project to the Apollo mission in the 1960s, calling the challenge to reach climate neutrality together “Europe’s man to moon moment”. 

Have you reached a point where technical solutions are not getting you anywhere?

Are you aware that change in your community, governing body, or organization starts with hearts and minds, not CO2 levels?

Do you yearn to build acceptance, overcome division, initiate cooperation?

We want to do that, too.
This is why we open the AGORA European Green Deal for you.

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