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We prepare an exciting and cutting-edge university course for the fall 2022 semester at the Management Center Innsbruck. Renown practitioners will join us, including Christina Riegler and Prof. Georgios Kostakos from Brussels.

In this tour de force on the sustainability-social science nexus, students will first get a theoretical introduction and foundation to the nexus of sustainability and social science. 

Together with our exciting guests from Brussels, Berlin, and Vienna, we will then 

  • zoom in on key milestones, treaties, and roadmaps in international governance, notably the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement, and the European Green Deal.  
  • We will illuminate the silent revolution that the planetary and resources pressure has kicked off in the world of central banking and in general the world of international banking and finance world. 
  • Discussing key trends and debates in the private sector, we will look at the ESG debate (Environmental – Sustainable – Governance), B-corps, the trend to the Purpose Economy and hands-on initiatives in the SME sector especially in Europe. 
  • Furthermore, we will focus on the approaches, methods and trends in the non-profit and advocacy world, including the field of consumer protection. The institutional interplay in Brussels will be in focus.  
  • Finally, we turn to the media and communications world and how sustainability, climate action, the energy transition, biodiversity and reforms in diplomacy affect, change, and influence the media and communications world – and the other way round. 

Eventually, we turn to the frontiers of the debate, esp. the debate and emerging field of “Regenerative Economics”. First-hand accounts and insights from guests, as well as our hands-on assignments, will enrich our sessions and this course in English.